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Imagine Life Without Neuropathy or Knee Pain: The Mission of Ethos Health Group

Knee Pain and Neuropathy Treatment Clinic in Brandon, Florida.

Is Knee Pain or Neuropathy keeping you from doing the activities you love the most? At our Medical Clinic in Brandon, FL, we can help you get back to doing the activities you love with our proprietary treatments.

Located a short drive from Tampa, Brandon, FL, offers residents and visitors a number of family-friendly activities to enjoy. With a moderate climate Brandon, allows you to spend the majority of your time outdoors.

All Person’s Rotary Park has a playground, as well as a splash pad, that is ideal for kids and grandkids. The park’s wide-open lawns make it an excellent place for a walk to enjoy the old oak trees that populate the park. Or you can enjoy watching your children and grandkids play baseball or soccer at the Bertha and Tony Saladino Park. The parks of Brandon are a popular destination for families to enjoy time together.

But if your dealing with knee pain and neuropathy, enjoying the parks Brandon has to offer can be hard.

Our knee pain and neuropathy clinic can help you get out of pain.
Knee Pain Can Stop You In Your Tracks

Going for walks with your kids and grandkids should be enjoyable, but dealing with chronic pain can make this valued family-time hard to enjoy.

That’s where Ethos Health Group can help. We can help you get back to enjoying all that Brandon has to offer. From making daily activities less painful and stressful to taking a pain-free leisurely walk with your family in the park. Our mission is to help you get back to a life without pain.

Read more below to see how we can help you get back to living the life you earned, free of knee pain, and neuropathy.

Knee Pain And Neuropathy Treatment In Brandon, FL

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Knee Pain Treatment

Often, people think of knee pain as the inevitable sign of old age or an old injury flaring up more frequently, but chronic knee pain doesn’t have to be endured. It doesn’t have to be the end of doing the activities you loved. Our Brandon knee pain treatment will help you return to doing what you love. 

Osteoarthritis, or wear and tear of the knees, leads to pain, stiffness, swelling, and instability in the joints. Our patients want to avoid endless cortisone shots and dangerous medications. Most of all, they want to avoid having to undergo knee replacement surgery. Our number one focus is on helping our patients get back to doing what they love most and enjoy the life they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

At Ethos Health Group, our proprietary treatment, HyalRegen-CT, is a comprehensive solution if you’re suffering from knee pain or arthritis. Lubricating injections are performed under precision imaging guidance, so we know we’re targeting precisely the right area.

Avoid Surgery and Get Out of Pain

Get back to doing what you love with our proprietary treatments.
Get Knee Pain Relief And Get Back To Doing What You Love

These FDA cleared injections can actually help your knees stimulate more of their own natural fluid, giving you long-term benefit and relief. 

This treatment option is often combined with our regenerative injections that contain Mesenchymal Stem Cell Exosomes. Most patients with knee pain have heard of stem cell therapy, and they wonder if it could be an option to help them avoid surgery and get out of pain.

Stem Cell Exosomes, unlike stem cells harvested from bone marrow or fat, are the particles secreted by stem cells that direct your body’s own cartilage-producing cells (chondrocytes) and healing factors to migrate to an area.

They are like a dispatcher announcing to your body where the issue is and to send help now!

Exosomes are sterile and harvested in an FDA registered tissue bank, so they represent a highly safe and effective option to provide you with the knee pain relief you deserve!

Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral neuropathy can be one of the most debilitating conditions that seniors deal with.

It typically results in pain, numbness, tingling, and other symptoms in the feet and hands. Even worse, as the nerves in the feet begin to die off, balance problems begin to develop, and frequent falls can become a daily risk. 

Don't let neuropathy keep you from getting out of bed in the morning.
Don’t Let Neuropathy Make You Scared To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning.

The first step in our treatment process is to determine how much nerve pain is present and if your condition is still able to be treated.

We perform a series of non-invasive tests that tell us how much sensation has been lost and what Brandon neuropathy treatment options exist for our patients. This Neuropathy Severity Exam will show us if your neuropathy reached the “point of no return” or if you can benefit from our treatment program, which consists of cutting-edge, non-invasive therapies designed to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) to help reverse nerve damage in the feet or hands.

As your sensation begins to improve, our team of healthcare providers will develop a customized balance program to give you the confidence you need to not live in fear of falling. 

For tougher cases, we also utilize our NeuroRegen-CT injections, which combine platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with platelet-derived growth factors from your own blood.

These natural regenerative procedures help support blood vessel and nerve growth to safely reverse damage from peripheral neuropathy.

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Enjoy time with your family with our cutting edge knee pain and neuropathy treatments.
Enjoy your time with the family again. See how we can help.

Our healthcare providers are experienced and have the treatment options that can help you get back to living the pain-free life you deserve.

With cutting-edge treatments to individualized programs, we can help you get back to doing the activities you love to do.

At our Knee Pain and Neuropathy Medical Clinic in Brandon FL, our treatments will give you the confidence to be able to step into the rest of your life without pain.

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