Neuropathy Treatment in St. Petersburg, FL

Imagine your Life without the Pain of Peripheral Neuropathy.

A New Clinical Study confirms that people 55 years of age and older can be treated successfully for peripheral neuropathy without drugs and surgery.

At Ethos Health Group in St. Petersburg, Florida we believe you deserve better than unsuccessful surgeries, overprescribed medications, and ineffective supplements when it comes to treating your peripheral neuropathy symptoms.

At our Neuropathy Clinic, we have developed an effective, non-surgical option to Neuropathy Treatment.

We see too many physicians rushing patients out the door without really listening. Or a worse issue, telling patients, “you’ll just have to live with the pain.” But, this diagnosis isn’t always true. We are not okay with such deficiencies inpatient treatment. Our team believes you deserve the best care possible and will exhaust every option to get you the help you need.

St. Petersburg Neuropathy Treatment

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Table of Contents

    What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

    Peripheral neuropathy usually develops from a lack of blood flow nourishing your nerves, like a tree that’s not getting enough water. When this happens the protective coating around the nerves begins to deteriorate, leading to numbness, tingling, and pain. They are unable to deliver the proper signals from the brain to various nerves in the muscles and other areas of the body. Neuropathy can develop as a result of age, personal choices, or even autoimmune diseases. 

    As signs of Peripheral Neuropathy progress and spread, the nerves in the feet begin to die off weakness ensues, balance problems begin to develop, and frequent falls can become a daily risk.

    Many patients with neuropathy symptoms are given prescription medications such as Gabapentin, Lyrica, or Cymbalta, which focus on masking your symptoms, not treating the source.

    Neuropathy Treatment at Ethos Health Group Brandon, FL

    Symptoms of Neuropathy

    • Pain, tingling, cramps, and numbness in the toes, hands, feet, legs or elsewhere
    • Loss of Balance and coordination
    • Dizziness
    • Shakiness
    • Skin sensitivity
    • Burning sensations
    • Increased heart rate
    • Muscle loss
    • Kidney damage
    • Low blood sugar symptoms
    • Issues with Digestion
    • Bladder and urinary tract irritation
    • Sexual dysfunction in both men and women
    • Drop of blood pressure after standing
    • Heavy night sweating, the inability to regulate internal temperature or complete lack of perspiration

    Neuropathy Treatment

    Watch the video below to see how our Neuropathy Treatment has helped!

    The first step of our neuropathy treatment process is determining how much nerve damage is present, and if your condition can still be treated.

    Our St. Petersburg location performs a non-invasive series of tests that allow us to give as accurate of a diagnosis as possible. They tell us just how much sensation has been lost, and what options exist for you. This Neuropathy Severity Exam will show us if your neuropathy reached the “point of no return”, or if you can benefit from our treatment program, which consists of cutting-edge, non-invasive therapies designed to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) to help reverse nerve damage in the feet or hands.

    As sensation begins to improve team of healthcare providers develops a customized balance program to give you the confidence you need to not live in fear of falling.

    For tougher neuropathy treatment cases we also utilize our NeuroRegen-CT injections, which combine platelet rich plasma (PRP) with platelet derived growth factors from your own blood.

    These natural regenerative procedures help support blood vessel and nerve growth to safely reverse damage from peripheral neuropathy.

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