5 Reasons Why Neuropathy is Worse on Some Days

Even though it’s treatable, nerve damage or neuropathy can cause extreme pain and add complications to your life.

If you suffer from neuropathy, you will likely have to monitor your diet and exercise.

You may also find it difficult to stay on your feet for long periods of time.

Some people even find that their neuropathy’s pain is worse on certain days or even at night.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

In the article below, we will talk about why neuropathy is worse on some days or at specific times.

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Our attention level has a direct impact on how we perceive and experience pain.

So on days we stay busy whether it’s at work, at home taking care of our kids, or running errands, we stay distracted.

The idea here is that because we’re so distracted, we don;t have time to focus on the pain.

We pay less attention to it and we perceive less pain.

Once you start to settle for the day, or on days you don’t have much to do, you will notice your pain more, and it will seem like you are having a flare up.

Your distractions are gone now, so the only thing you have to focus on is your pain, which could be one reason why neuropathy is worse on some days.

Another impact on neuropathy symptoms could be the weather.

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Cold Temperatures

When you have peripheral neuropathy, your feet become much more sensitive to the cool air.

When the temperatures drop, your peripheral nerves can tingle more, causing you to feel more burning or sharp pain.

Your heart rate slows when you’re cold as well, slowing your blood and increasing any painful sensations.

If you can handle the sensations on your feet, keep them wrapped up in a warm blanket.

Another reason that your symptoms could be worse could be your hormone levels.

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Hormone Levels

When your body prepares itself to go to bed at night, your metabolism, hormone levels, and many other biochemical processes adjust.

These changes can heighten your pain sensations.

For example, cortisol has anti-inflammatory effects.

Your cortisol levels will drop through the first half of your sleep cycle so you can rest, and this can potentially make pain from your neuropathy worse.

This can explain why neuropathy is worse on some days, and at specific times of the day. Your stress and emotions could also play a part in your symptoms.

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Stress and Emotions

Your emotional state will also influence your perception of pain.

High levels of stress and anxiety can amplify your pain.

Physical stress and exertion can increase your nerve pain as well.

Strenuous exercise and the accompanying soreness can contribute to nerve pain during the night.

Living in a chronic state of stress will wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. High stress levels could be a reason why neuropathy is worse on some days, as well as when you take medications.

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Medication Timing and Dosage

Sometimes at night the medications that have kept your pain in check during the day can wear off.

Or your nighttime biochemistry and symptoms may need different dosages or medicines.

This is particularly true for many short-acting medications for neuropathic pain.

Even though your medication is working the way it should during the day, it will eventually wear off.

This often happens in the evening or right before bed.

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why neuropathy is worse on some days

Why neuropathy is worse on some days and How To Manage Your Neuropathic Pain

Practice Relaxation

For some people, the tension that results from excessive stress will intensify their pain sensations.

But, living stress-free these days is next to impossible, so we just have to do what we can to lessen our stress.

Learning how to relax can help decrease some of your daily tension and anxiety.

This is not only good for your body but it’s good for your mental well-being.

Spend some quiet time in nature, listen to relaxing music, or enjoy a warm bath if you feel extra stressed.

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Some cases of peripheral neuropathy are actually caused by vitamin deficiencies.

For example, vitamin B is essential for nerve health.

A vitamin B deficiency can lead to significant nerve damage.

You should try to get most of your vitamin D from your food, but your doctor may also recommend supplements.

Stick to the dose your doctor recommends to prevent toxicity and worsening symptoms.

Vitamin D can also help prevent chronic pain.

Your skin will produce vitamin D when it’s exposed to sunlight.

But if you have a vitamin D deficiency, it can worsen or cause neuropathy pain.

Taking a vitamin D supplement can help reduce neuropathic symptoms.

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Exercising regularly can combat pain and improve your overall health.

Staying active reduces your blood sugar, which will reduce or slow down damage to your nerves.

Exercise will also increase the blood flow to your arms and legs and reduces stress.

These are all factors that help to reduce discomfort and chronic pain.

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Maintain Regular Doctor’s Visits

If your pain at night or on certain days gets worse no matter what you do, you might feel hopeless and helpless.

But sometimes all of the home remedies and coping mechanisms aren’t enough.

That’s when you need to see your doctor and maintain regular visits.

Keeping your treatments current is the best way to combat your neuropathy.

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Ethos Health Group

If home remedies don’t work, you should see a neuropathy specialist for treatment.

At Ethos Health Group, our treatment process’s first step is to determine how much nerve damage is present and if your condition can still be treated.

We will perform a series of non-invasive tests that tell us the extent of your condition and what options exist for you.

These tests will show us if your neuropathy has reached the “point of no return” or if you can still benefit from our treatment program.

Our treatment programs at Ethos Health Group consist of cutting-edge, non-invasive therapies designed to stimulate new blood vessels’ growth to reverse nerve damage in the feet or hands. 

If you’re ready to find relief from your neuropathy, you should contact Ethos Health Group as soon as possible.

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Why is neuropathy worse on some days?
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